Sunday, 19 February 2017

30 somethings #7 - Canvas shopping bags

I always think that miniature fair organisers miss a trick by not selling miniature versions of their shopping bags. Come on people, everthing at a miniature fair should be miniature - the programs, the bags, the snacks. Well maybe not the snacks. Cake should always be full scale 😆

I found some canvas fabric that I bought from...I want to say Little Trimmings but it could well have been The Silk Route. Either way, the fabric is off white, heavy cotton and can be produced by soaking regular, heavy white cotton in a weak solution of tea or coffee.

The pattern is really simple. I've taken the measurements from a full size tote bag and reduced it to 12th scale.

I made the handles with 3mm webbed ribbon but you can use the same material as the bag and dip it in 'Fray Stay' to stop the edges from fraying.

The handles are glued on either side of the bag with fabric glue and left to dry. I'm making one long row of bags because it saves time.

I stitch along the top and over the handles to give them extra strength.

Then fold the fabric in half so the handles meet and the hem (wrong side) is showing, then stitch the sides. 

If you want a bag with a flat bottom, sew the corners off like in the above picture. 

This is the bags, inside out. 
I've used the rubber stamps I made to decorate the bags. IKEA also do a pack of fabric pens which work really well.

So Kensington Dollhouse Festival and Miniatura, I expect you have some mini shopping bags to design 😄

Have a wonderful weekend
Pepper x